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27th Louie Award Winner!

 photo Louie-Awards-2015_7_zpsji2khjnm.jpg

So we still can't quite believe it but we won the Louie Award in the Romantic Occasions category! 

Having been in business only 2 years now it was such an honor to even be a Finalist. We have worked so hard to build our business over the past few years so to be recognized by industry experts means more to us than we can ever express. We want to take a moment to thank the Greeting Card Association, Louie Awards and all the wonderful judges who selected our card from all the amazing talent!

Because I am pregnant and due in just 4 weeks we were unable to show at NSS this year but luckily we live within driving distance from NYC so we made a quick trip to attend the Gala when the winners were announced and we're so happy we did because it was a really special night even if we hadn't won; but winning did make it better. :)

We wanted to share a few photos that we took at the Gala and at the Louie display at NSS. 

 photo Louie-Awards-2015_1_zpseymkou06.jpg  photo Louie-Awards-2015_2_zpsm2eselvd.jpg photo Louie-Awards-2015_5_zps8b5bqvec.jpg  photo Louie-Awards-2015_6_zpsifc9bizq.jpg photo Louie-Awards-2015_8_zpsr3jgi2uq.jpg photo Louie-Awards-2015_9_zpszpac2b5g.jpg


Black & White Baby Boy Brunch

Black & White Baby Boy Brunch

 photo Baby-Boy-Brunch_Invitation-Suite-Blog_zpsamaj1eu5.jpg

We know it's a bit unconventional but we hosted our Baby Shower or Baby Boy Brunch as we called it. My sister was going to host it but she ended up teaching a semester abroad in London this spring so we decided we'd just host it ourselves. It worked out great anyway because we were able to do things exactly as we wanted.

We decided to go with a simple Black & White theme and we couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. Our only regret is that we were having so much fun with our guest we forgot to take pictures during the party. I do wish we had a few photos with our guest and at least one photo of Christopher and I together but forgetting to take photos because you're present in the moment isn't a bad thing.

The invitation suite I designed is pictured above; the main words are all hand brush lettered and the patterns are brush painted as well. I even did a fun Advice For The New Parents card that we had our guest fill out and a matching Thank You Card (which we liked so much we decided to add it our collection, if you like it too, you can purchase it HERE.) Below are a few photos of the party decor; details with links are listed below the photos in case you'd like to pick something up for a party you are throwing!

 photo Baby-Shower-1_zpsbpgnech4.jpg photo Baby-Shower-3_zpsdc9grlmw.jpg photo Baby-Shower-4_zps2ajau19y.jpg  photo Baby-Shower-5_zpsoe0tlrfb.jpg  photo Baby-Shower-11_zpsach8cfzz.jpg  photo Baby-Shower-10_zpsnmljeyqx.jpg  photo Baby-Shower-9_zpsipiroxpc.jpg  photo Baby-Shower-8_zps1xqk6yv6.jpg


Wooden Berry Baskets
Acrylic Scoopers
Polka Dot Tissue Paper (already owned)
Striped Ice Cream Cups
Polka Dot Wooden Spoons
Striped Straws
Striped Ribbon (On kabob skewers that we cut down to size.)
Polka Dot Napkins
Polka Dot Treat Bags

Oreos (Stacked to make a cake)
Pistaciotti's (Dough Uprising --- The desserts that look like little pies. They were the smash hit of the party!)
Rice Krispie Treats (Homemade)
Small Treats in Berry Baskets (All from Trader Joes)
Sandwiches (Panera)
Crackers (Trader Joes)
Fruit, Olives & Cheese (Grocery Store)


Team laLa Grace is Expecting!

 photo Baby-Announcement_Movie-Poster_DVD-Cover_zpsk3uwcyy6.jpg

Hi All!

We have some exciting news to share...

Christopher and I are expecting our first child this June!
We have been trying for sometime so to say that we are thrilled is an understatement. 

We announced this to our families and close friends on Christmas (The pictures above are how we shared the news with our loved ones. We wanted to do it in a creative and fun way so we designed a Movie Poster / DVD Cover). We've kept it a bit hush hush up until now, but we are now 24 weeks along and feel ready to make this very public announcement. 

This pregnancy has been such a joyous (and yes a little nerve racking too) time for us, we feel so blessed that God decided to Grace us with the gift of a Tiny Human. 

This does change our business goals a bit, for example we had planned on attending The National Stationery Show this May but since our little guy (oh yes it's a boy!) is due just one month later we've decided to wait until next year. 

Our goal is to get as much work as we possibly can done before this little one makes his appearance because we still plan on expanding our product line this year. In order to do this we have decided not to take on anymore Custom Project for this year, it was a difficult decision but we want to be able to focus our time and energy on other areas of our business for this year; but we look forward to working with more custom clients come January 2016! 

I will also be taking a short maternity leave from business correspondence. I have not decided on the length of time yet but we will be sure to let you know in advance so no worries there.

All orders, Wholesale and Retail will continue to ship out as normal. 

Well that's it from Team laLa Grace for now, hope you all are having a great week so far!